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Why I am the Poster child for Why Everyone Needs a Realtor
I am the poster child for why you should always hire a realtor when buying a house. And not just any realtor, but a very good one. And a good realtor isn't as good as they can be without a good brokerage behind them supporting them in their efforts to help you, or in this case, me. But, how do you find a good brokerage? Well I had heard through the grapevine (and my best friend) that Coldwell banker Chesapeake was a great brokerage. I heard that they were growing, recruiting, supportive, and hungry...in a good way. That's what I wanted. I wanted a realtor that was good but also hungry. I wanted somebody who was going to go that extra mile for me. And that is exactly what I got. What I didn't know, was how much I was going to need their help and expertise during the buying process.

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Finding the Perfect Property
First I must get my confession out. I LOVE real estate. I always have. I love popping in on open houses. I love searching for houses. I love seeing different architectural styles. I love seeing some original way of designing a room, that just makes perfect sense, yet I've never seen it done before. It's like an 'AHA' moment.

So, when I decided to move to a new region, I jumped into the search with both feet. Well, my husband may have called my searching a little addictive. But, honestly, can you do too much real estate? I don't think so.

With a vague idea of what I wanted and a clearer picture of what I didn't want. I wandered around waterfront areas, looking at every house, whether it was in my price range or not, so I could get an idea for the types of houses built there, their general age, and the typical upkeep of the different neighborhoods. I used zillow of course, realtor.com, and now Coldwell Banker's new and exciting ZAP platform. All were good.

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