Depth & Breadth

Looking for somebody to handle any or all aspects of your digital marketing efforts...from improving your branding to being found online via Google or social media, to drawing in new clients from blogs, content, social media, and adwords?

DCI has the depth and breadth to handle all of these aspects for your company and become your "outsourced" marketing manager. We can also handle individual pieces that you need to fill any missing gaps in your portfolio.

Marketing Services


Search Engine Optomization (SEO) is just one aspect of our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services. SEM is a unified effort to increase visibility on search engine pages (Google, Bing, etc.)

Our SEO services include page analysis and optomization, metatag analysis and optomization, and search engine submissions.

In addition to SEO, the other SEM services we can provide include Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisng such as Google Adwords and Crosslinking and Backlinking.

Our team is adept at SEO and SEM with proven results.

We consistently beat every industry guideline for adwords effectiveness across multiple industry types.

We can take tired, old campaigns, and analyze them, then rework them to be new, fresh, and effective.

Or we can start entirely new campaigns.

If you're tired of throwing money away at Adwords and not getting the results you want and need, give us a call.

Backlinks & Crosslinks

Backlinks and crosslinks are marketing techniques to grow additional referral streams into and within your website. It is a very effective strategy for rising in search engine rankings.

Facebook & Instagram

Our Facebook and Instagram marketing services include postings, advertising, video, and live video. We also provide facebook social media training.

We have been the social media marketing arm for three social media startups. We know this space and can get you results that count.


We have expertise in LinkedIn Sales Navigator lead generation and client contact and management for our clients. We also write content and articles for use on LinkedIn on company pages or for groups. In addition, we can provide job postings.


We can run a twitter campaign to accompany a branding effort, or as a daily/weekly way to reach and engage clients


We can assist in marketing on many other mediums and will continue to analyze new opportunities on new apps as they develop.


Video can enhance your google rankings, but only if hosted and meta-tagged properly. DCI can assist with all aspects of video including script, staging, production, editing, hosting, meta-tagging, and marketing.


We write blogs to move forward company branding, reach new clients, and improve google rankings.

Website content

DCI can:
write all aspects of your website content and provide it to you for editing
fill in gaps of content
edit current content

Book editing

DCI has edited several books and one novel.

Why Us?


Is there really any other reason? We have achieved growth and results for our clients that have provided a major positive impact on our customer's bottom lines. We are also persistent, economical, and talented.

Marketing clients include: Coldwell Banker, National Geographic, APWU Health Plan, and many other fabulous brands.